Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bug List and Wow List

Noticing good design when you see it and noticing when there is a need for something to be designed better are the starting points for becoming a design thinker.

Start a "Bug List" for things that annoy you, don't work, or are poorly designed.
  • David Kelley from IDEO says that drink and snack machines that dispense the product at the level of your ankles is a good clue for the need for better design. Will vending machines be redesigned or will they be replaced by some other technology? What will it be?
  • In the future we won't walk or drive around holding a cell phone to our ears with our hands. Will cell phones be embedded in our clothing or bodies or will they become like elaborate jewelry that we wear for adornment as well as function?
  • How much time and aggravation do we endure searching for keys to everything? Some cars already have keyless entry and starting. What is the next step in security design?
Start a "Wow List" of things that are so well designed they just make you happy.
  • Apple seems to produce consistently good design and the iPhone is another example. Everyone is trying to figure out how they do good design so consistently.
  • OXO Good Grip kitchen tools were created for people with weak grips but work for everyone. What is the future of Universal Design?
  • The Segway is an ingenious personal transportation device that is fun to use. Will the future bring giant parking lots and perpetual traffic jams or will someone figure out a better system for getting around?

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