Monday, March 31, 2008

Design Issues Group

The Design Issues Group of the National Art Education Association recently had its name changed from the Built Environment Issues Group by the approval of the NAEA Board. Robin Vande Zande from Kent State is currently the Chair of DIG. We held a business meeting and several members had sessions on aspects of design education at the National Art Education Association annual convention in New Orleans in March.

Several proposals being considered by the Design Issues Group include:
1. Writing a Curriculum Guide for Design Education
2. Advocating for Design Education to legislators at the state and national level
3. Submitting a proposal for a name change from NAEA to NADEA - National Art and Design Education Association
4. Increasing new membership in NAEA by 50% by attracting more design educators
5. Having "DESIGN THINKING" be a theme for an upcoming NAEA Convention
6. Holding a Summer DIG meeting
7. Setting up a web presence on the website of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
8. Creating a Design Education newsletter/magazine - perhaps electronically
9. Planning for the NAEA conferences in Minneapolis (2009) and Washington D.C. (2010)
10. Working with other NAEA groups like Higher Ed and the Electronic Media Issues Group (EMIG).
11. Getting financial and promotional support for design education from design businesses and professional organizations
12. Contributing to the special design issues of SchoolArts magazine

What ideas do you have and how can you help?

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