Sunday, March 16, 2008

Seven Singularities

A Singularity is one of a kind - the occurrence of something that did not exist before. Seven singularities have occurred so far. Each singularity has spawned several knowledge disciplines that are the basis for the content of education - physics, biology, psychology, history and social studies, technology, computer science, and information theory.

1. The Universe - the universe was created around 13.73 billion years ago with what may have been a "Big Bang".
2. Our Solar System - our solar system formed some 4.59 billion years ago and our planet Earth formed shortly after at about 4.45 billion years ago.
3. Life - Solar systems formed for billions of years and then the first life formed on planet Earth about 3.8 million years ago.
4. Consciousness - our ancestors began developing modern conscious prefrontal cortexes during the Stone Age some 100,000 years ago.
5. Civilizaton - our ancestors learned to form communities and manage agriculture and live stock only about 10,000-6,000 years ago.
6. Technology - the effects of the technology revolution are coming into full bloom now but started only about 300 years ago with the Industrial Revolution from around 1750-1850.
7. Information - the Information Age, with the Internet and digital communication processing billions of bits of information, is forming right now and is only a few decades old generally identified as beginning around 1975 even though Claude Shannon, considered to be the father of the Information Age, laid the groundwork in his 1937 Master's thesis. 

We are lucky to be alive during the most exciting time in the history of humanity. There are more exciting discoveries in physics, genetics, nanotechnology, medicine, artificial intelligence, and many other fields happening right now than have ever occurred in history.

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