Friday, April 11, 2008

Clio Awards for Advertising, Design, and Interactive Media

The 49th Annual Clio Awards and Festival will take place May 14-17, 2008 in South Beach, Florida. The Clio Festival is world's most recognized global awards competition for advertising, design, and interactive media.

The Festival is four days of the best creative work, the best talent in the industry,
and the best parties in South Beach.

Using the Clio Awards entries and winners as a starting point for a lesson about Advertising, Design or Interactive Media is a combination of Design Education and Media Literacy. A simple way to start is to just analyze some of the examples with your class. Who is shown in the images? Who isn't? What do they look like? What are they wearing? How is the image composed? Why? What sounds and music are used? Why?

One of the principles of media literacy is to be aware that all of the hundreds of choices made in composition, color, clothing, people, sound, music, etc. are consciously made by professionals who are experts in manipulating our emotions. Becoming aware of the techniques they use is one way to protect ourselves from being manipulated in ways we aren't even aware of.

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