Monday, April 28, 2008

Design Science

Art is usually linked with the Arts and Humanities and when we think of interdisciplinary work we usually think about art along with music, dance, theatre and the social sciences.

Design, being an application of visual learning, is easier to link with science and technology which are also applications.
Fritjof Capra's new book, "The Science of Leonardo", helps us see how many of the thousands of pages of Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks are more about sicence, technology and design than they are about art.

R. Buckminster Fuller referred to the connection between design, science, technolology, and engineering as "Design Science".
Books by Henry Petroski and Donald Norman are excellent resources for this line of thinking.

Design educators need to work closely in schools with science, technology, media specialists and computer science teachers the way designers work with engineers, scientists and computer scientists in their work.

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