Saturday, April 26, 2008

The History of Design

Anyone teaching art history (or any history for that matter) should inlcude important design figures who have shaped the world.

All students, not just design students, should know about:

Frank Lloyd Wright - included in the top 100 Americans
Raymond Loewy (to the right) - the father of Industrial Design
Paul Rand (on the left) - the father of Graphic Design
Frederick Law Olmsted - the father of Park Design
Walt Disney - a pioneer in Experience Design
Haddon Sunblom - the creator of Santa Clause as we know him today.
Charles Eames and the Eames chair

And then there are a bunch of contemporary designers who have already entered the status of design "icons":

Bill Stumpf and the Aeron Chair
Frank Gehry and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain
Oleg Cassini and fashion design
Will Wright and game design (the Sims)
Philippe Starck and product design
William Ivy Long and costume design
David Rockwell and set design

Why should everyone know these people? Because they have helped shape the history of the world as much as any other world leaders.
Who would you add to this list of designers everyone should know?

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