Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Making a Model of a Concept Car

Go to the Links at the left and click on Auto Design (model making) then, under the picture (to the far right), click on Recap to see a video of a full-size car being modeled out of clay at the LA Auto Show. This gives us a great glimpse into how we could teach model-making to students.

Auto designers actually make a model full-scale just like this but, for class purposes, groups of students could do a smaller version. Don't make it too small because it is important to get the flow of the lines.§ionparameter=exhibitions2008Autoshow

The clay used for these models is a plasticine type clay that isn't designed for firing like the clay used in traditional ceramics classes. Some model-makers use Super Sculpey because it can be sanded to a smooth finish after being hardened in an oven.

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