Monday, April 28, 2008

People Who Love to Draw

One of the problems for young people who like to draw is that they have very few chances to see drawings or to meet other people who like to draw. One of the best places to see the greatest number of people who love to draw is in what is often called "Artist's Alley" at major comic book conventions like ComiCon and Wizard World. (

At ComiCon in New York City, for example, there were hundreds of artists in Artist's Alley sitting at tables to chat with you, show you their work, give you an autograph and even do a sketch for you. They will also often look at your work and give you advice on what to work on so bring your sketchbook.

Some of the people are young and trying to break into the field. Others are accomplished artists with distinguished publication records. Others are independent comic producers and self-publishers. There are men and women of many ethnic backgrounds. Some are writers, some are artists, some are pencillers and some are inkers.

Considering what there is to see, these conferences are relatively inexpensive - $15-20 a day or $45 for the weekend.

There is no place else to see so many artists who love to draw in one place at the same time.

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