Sunday, May 4, 2008

Electric Cars Become a Reality

The Tesla electric sports car (left) has opened its flagship store in Westwood (LA), CA and Chevrolet is within years of offering its electric car, the Volt (right). After infamously scuttling the electric car movement that could have arrived a decade earlier, (as documented in the film "Who Killed the Electric Car?"), General Motors is trying to respond to the development of the independent Silicon Valley Tesla Motor company's high end sports car.

The Tesla was developed because it was clear that the American auto and oil industry alliance would not allow the electric car to be developed within the industry without the pressure from the same minds who brought us the computer revolution.

The electric car, among other technical advances, is part of a growing transformation of transportation design attempting to address issues of pollution, rising oil and gas prices, traffic congestion, and a variety of other unintended problems related to the development of the internal combustion engine automobile. This is an historic moment that will become part of the history of design.

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