Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How Pixar Makes a Movie

On Pixar's site at
they explain the steps involved in making a digital animated film.
(Click on the title bar "How Pixar Makes a Movie" above to see a slide show)

Each step in the process suggests a lesson that could be done with students to help them be more aware, knowledgeable, and skilled in looking at and making animation. Some steps are beyond the technical capabilities of resources available to most schools but the consumer technologies have gotten so good that knowledgeable students could do every aspect of the process.

Each of the steps could be a lesson in itself:

Creating and pitching an idea for an animated film
Writing a Treatment
Draw the storyboards
Record the voices
Make the rough drawings
Design the characters
Sculpt models of the characters (physically or digitally)
Create the sets
Design the surfaces, textures, lighting and shading for the shots

Just like in real-life, groups of students could work on different scenes.

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Mary Alice said...

Pretty cool that someone with a "dis"ability can xceed "regular" ability becoming a person with "super" ability. Steve Austin will be here soon.