Monday, June 2, 2008

Australian Design Award - Dyson Student Award

The announcement of awards provides an opportunity to easily find information and examples of what designers think about when creating designs. For example, "Design is not just about how something looks, but how it works. I don't see a difference between a designer and an engineer, and I don't want to see a difference. A designer should be both," according to inventor/designer James Dyson.

The Australian International Design Awards, a division of Standards Australia, and Dyson Appliances (Australia) have developed a program aimed at rewarding the outstanding talent that exists amongst future Australian designers.

Ross Cameron, Managing Director of Dyson SEA, views education in design and technology as vital to the future of Australia, both culturally and economically, and has worked with the Australian International Design Awards since 2001 to develop the Australian Design Award - Dyson Student Award.

The Australian Design Award - Dyson Student Award (ADA-DSA) highlights projects from tertiary students of design in Australia most closely aligned with Dyson's philosophy of complete design - meaning that a product should not only look good but also use innovation and technology to provide significant advantages over the product it replaces.

Australian International Design Awards - the national opinion leader of design in Australia that now sets an international benchmark of design excellence in order to make Australians more globally competitive in design practice; and
Dyson - an internationally renowned innovator, brand and icon of design and technology, continually exploring new horizons in product development, design education and the wellbeing of the community.

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