Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bad Design Isn't Inevitable

Everyday images, objects, places and experiences don't have to be ugly and dampen the human spirit.

Bad design education, greed and laziness are the problem. Badly designed, shoddily made, cookie-cutter designs that don't fit our needs or enhance the character of our lives cause a degradation in the human condition. Bad design is the result of a formula-driven approach, where generic designs are slapped onto every project regardless of the need or application.

Our students have an opportunity to shape the design of the future. We need to take charge of the design process, eliminate incentives for bad design and provide incentives for doing the right thing. Design education can help ensure that the world will become a more interesting and fulfilling place to live, work, learn and play.

Good design can add time to a project and sometimes, but not always, add cost, but it results in a more sustainable environment for all. Design education doesn't guarantee good design but it helps us think about the design process and the added value it brings to our lives. Design Education provides knowledge, skills and, more importantly, the attitudes, disposition and character needed to do the right thing.

The world needs good design to create a quality of life worth living for everyone on the planet. Good design requires innovation, empathy, character and courage.

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