Sunday, June 29, 2008

China and India Introduce Design Education

Careers like engineering, law, and medicine are popular choices for students around the world, but a subject of study that’s increasingly gaining prominence in industry, but remains neglected in schools is design.

Design is a creative career that provides students a variety of skills and teaches them to think about innovation and new ideas. Design studies includes areas like Animation, Architecture, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Fashion-textile Design, Product Design, Interaction Design and Visual Communication among others.

China has over 3000 design schools and has revamped all their art colleges and re-trained their teachers in design. Countries like India are going full-speed ahead to increase the amount of design education they offer.

Today the potential opportunities in design are tremendous. Market forces demand designers and they are required in every sector of the economy. Countries like India and China understand that introducing design at the undergraduate level is too late. It has to be introduced in K-12 schools, where it becomes a part of the learning process and encourages right-brain thinking and visual communication.

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