Sunday, June 15, 2008

Design for Social Change

With a new focus area on innovation, The Rockefeller Foundation teamed up with the design firm, IDEO, to explore new avenues for social change. One promising area is design and how the design industry can play a larger role in the social sector. They created a How-to Guide and an accompanying Workbook written for design firms that are interested in joining in the conversation.

DESIGN PRINCIPLES -These are the guiding principles for working with social sector clients.

1. PROVIDE VALUE - Demonstrate the Value - Cause Transformational Change - Mind the Gap

2. BE FOCUSED - Stay on Target - Conserve Energy

3. SET UP FOR SUCCESS - Train Appropriately - Optimize for Impact - Know the Players - Demand Skin in the Game

Click on the heading above to read the IDEO + Rockefeller Workbook and IDEO + Rockefeller Guide

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