Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Design a Theme Park

Designing a whole theme park seems like it would be a huge project. John Ramirez, animator and story artist, designs theme parks on the side.
(click on the heading above to see more of his work.)

Have your students design a theme park. They can work individually, in groups, or as a whole class, designing different parts of a theme park, doing drawings to show what it would look like, making a model of it to show others how it would work, and even turning a classroom or hallway into a theme park.

When John was a high school student he and his classmates (with the help of their teacher, Dave Master) used to turn several art rooms in their school (Rowland High School) into colorful environments like a theme park. They worked with inexpensive materials like cardboard but the exhibits looked very much like an actual theme park. They figured out how to do special lighting and even how to make some parts move. Thousands of people would come on Open House nights to see the students' work. The exhibits would be done in the spring and stay up all the next year until new exhibits were designed the next spring. This is where he developed his skills in designing real theme parks.


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