Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Materials for Design Projects

Some adaptations need to be made when making models and prototypes for design projects. Materials used for art lessons may not be appropriate for design.

Four readily available materials that are appropriate for making models and prototypes for design projects are:

1. Cardboard - old boxes or purchased sheets of brown cardboard are good for making architectural models and projects like Box City. Frank Gehry made a series of chairs with curvilinear shapes out of cardboard.

2. Taskboard -this is a commercially available material that has more flexibility and offers many advantages over regular cardboard. Taskboard can even be steamed and bent into curvilinear shapes.

3. Styrofoam (blue foam) and Trymer are common building and model making materials produced by Dow that are easy to cut, carve, file, laminate and glue.

4. Super Sculpey - this oven-hardening clay-like material can be carved and sanded after baking for a professional look. It is more appropriate for design work than the traditional kiln-fired clay used in ceramics classes. Professionals often use a plasticene clay for creating full-size models of new car designs.

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