Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Patriots Dream

Our day-to-day existence is spent in living a life of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But the ability to do so must be constantly defended from forces that seek to sell off our freedoms for the sake of short-term economic and political gains.

Set aside some time to view this video of Bill Moyers speaking at the National Conference for Media Reform that reminds us of the responsibilities we each have to defend our way of life, not from outside forces, but from forces of greed right among us.

Moyers says, " Democracy without honest information creates the illusion of popular consent while enhancing the power of the state and the privileged interests protected by it.

Democracy without accountability creates the illusion of popular control while offering ordinary Americans cheap tickets to the balcony, too far away to see that the public stage is just a reality TV set.

Nothing more characterizes corporate media today – mainstream and partisan – than disdain towards the fragile nature of modern life and indifference toward the complex social debate required of a free and self-governing people.

This leaves you with a heavy burden – it’s up to you to fight for the freedom that makes all other freedoms possible."

I will leave it to you to see how this helps rekindle our twin desires to improve the quality of our lives through sustainable design and the transformation of education in the 21st century. From my point of view, Moyers effectively reminds us of our responsibilities and the ideals with which we decided to become educators and designers in the first place.

Click on the heading above to watch the Moyers video.
Go to http://www.freepress.net/node/41601 for a transcript of his speech.

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