Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Women Design Cars and Trucks

Female car designers are still few and far between. Chelsia Lau has been a chief designer at Ford since the '90s, and Nissan's Dianne Allen was lead designer on their Titan pickup. But that may be slowly changing. At the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York, Lincoln introduces Joann Jung, Amy Kim and Jennifer Hewlett (right), three rising design stars who worked on the MKT Concept (above).

The Lincoln MKT, Ford’s self-proclaimed “Lear jet” of the highway, was designed by the three-woman team of Jennifer Hewlett, Amy Kim and Joann Jung. They are all under the age of 32. The three said they wanted something sexy and bold and wanted attention paid to the little things that add a touch of style, such as detailing on the door handles.

“When you go out it’s all about the details,” says Kim, 26, and Jung, 31. “It’s all about the shoes and the ear rings and as women we pay much more attention to those details.”

One can't help but think that cars might work better for everyone if there were more women involved in designing them.

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