Sunday, July 13, 2008

Designing Streets?

Have you ever thought about designing a street? Students are often surprised that streets are actually designed by someone. There are distinct design principles and theories that apply to good street design. Here is a competition you and your students can join to design a street. Even if you don't join the competition this will give you some good information you could use to teach a lesson on streetscape design.

"Designing the 21st Century Street" is an open design competition sponsored by Transportation Alternatives. They are looking for new conceptual and physical approaches to the planning of public streets by asking participants to redesign the intersection of 9th Street and 4th Avenue in Brooklyn. The street will be re-imagined as a healthy, safe, and sustainable 21st Century street.
The competition is open to the entire public. They hope that community members without any design training as well as design professionals and students will submit their ideas for street design improvements at this intersection.

In rethinking the way city streets work, the competition will explore ways to make our city more environmentally sustainable and reestablish the importance of the street as a tool to promote positive social and economic interactions. They believe achieving these goals will benefit all communities in New York, regardless of location or socio-economic class.

The competition will conclude with an exhibit in a public place (to be determined) in December 2008. A publication will also be produced to highlight entries with significant merit that may not have been included in the exhibition and all submissions will be available for public review on this web site once awards have been announced.

Click on the heading above to go to the website for complete details. All questions and communication regarding participation in the competition should be directed to

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