Monday, July 14, 2008

Keeping a Sketch/Journal

Danny Gregory loves to draw and has a charming blog showing his daily sketches as well as the work of others. He is coming out with a book in November, 2008 entitled An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration From The Private Sketchbooks Of Artists, Illustrators And Designers.

The book is about 250 pages and features 7 artists, illustrators, and designers.

His blog and books inspired a drawing network called Everyday Matters. Everyday Matters is a friendly community designed to encourage members to expand their creativity. Their main focus is on drawing and creating illustrated journals but they welcome creative people from all disciplines. The group includes members of all degrees of ability and experience -- from those who have never drawn before to professional illustrators, artists, and teachers.

Click on the heading above to see one segment of a drawing tutorial by Danny. His website and the Everyday Matters (EDM) group are at

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