Monday, July 28, 2008

High School Fashion Design Classes

Do you think that boys + high school + fashion design don't add up? Some students, including boys, are starting their fashion design careers in high school. Esteban Cortazar (left) studied at Miami's Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH) and other students from that award-winning school have had their start there as well. Cortazar is a rock-star of fashion design. He leads a glamorous life anyone would admire. He is able to live his life in glamorous places in the world through fashion design.

One of the youngest designers to be part of the runway design scene (right) in places like New York, Miami, Paris and Milan, Cortazar is still making his mark after entering the business in 2002 at the age of 18. The Colombian-born, Miami-raised son of an artist and a jazz singer began designing when he was 10 by taking old clothes apart and then stapling random pieces together. At 13, he started showing sketches to Todd Oldham, a mentor he found under his apartment at Miami’s News Café. While in New York for an Oldham show, Cortazar introduced himself to Bloomingdale’s Kal Ruttenstein, and soon afterward gave Ruttenstein a private showing of his glamorous gowns with a Spanish influence, in luxe fabrics and bright colors. It wasn’t long before the fashion prodigy was featured at Bloomingdale’s, and then Bryant Park.

Many students think they want to be fashion designers but find that acquiring the knowledge and skills takes more work than they thought. For those who are serious, however, they should be given the chance. You may be surprised how many serious future fashion designers are in your school.

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