Tuesday, July 1, 2008

iPhone - A Design Exemplar

iPhone 3G is the new version of the already amazing iPhone design that is revolutionizing hand-held connectivity. It is one of the best examples of interface design ever created.

Seeing the iPhone in operation is like looking into the future of communication. It has more innovative features than are usually found in several new products. Reality is becoming closer to science fiction every day.

What we are seeing for the future is total global connectivity with a hand-held device from wherever you are - phone, music, GPS, video games, movies, email, the Internet and more, all available in one device that fits in a pocket.

Independent developers are invited to create new applications for the iPhone and new ones are being created everyday. With an accelerometer already built into the phone, Electronic Arts, the world's largest game design company, realized the phone could be used as a hand-held controller (like the Nintendo Wii controller) for a variety of video games they are creating for the iPhone.

When you have a half hour, click on the heading above for a video tour of the amazing features of the new iPhone.

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