Sunday, July 6, 2008

Scott McCloud and Visual Communication

Scott McCloud (left) has written several books about making comic books. The pages of his books are in the form of comics. His name and work have been associated with comic books but, when you get into his books, you see that he is talking more broadly about visual communication in general.

A page (right) in his book about composing images (long-shots, medium-shots, close-ups, etc.) could be about film making as well as about comic books. (Click on the image to see a larger version) His books could be used as basic primers for visual communication in general. They just happen to be in comic book form. In this way he shows you as well as tells you what he means.

Students (and professionals) are using his books to help them see how to do basic visual communication that is clear, understandable and interesting. McCloud's books teach a great deal obout seeing and aren't just about making comics.

McCloud's books include Understanding Comics (1993), a 215-page comic book about the comics medium translated into over 16 languages. Also Reinventing Comics (2000), a more controversial look at comics revolutions in art, culture and technology, and Making Comics (2006), an extensive look at comics storytelling techniques which also resulted in his Making Comics 50 State Tour.

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