Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Institute Design Education

Nineteen teachers from eastern Pennsylvania are participating in a Design Education Institute organized by Dr. Martin Rayala from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania being held at the Goggleworks (left), an art center in Reading, PA. These mainly elementary, middle level and high school art teachers are learning about information design, product design, environment design and experience design. They are creating lessons about developing a design idea, visualizing possible solutions, creating a prototype, and presenting a design proposal.

In the photo (right) a group is generating ideas as part of a week-long design charrette. They are using visual communication techniques that employ text, images, and graphics to communicate ideas to each other to help in the design process. They will visualize several possible alternatives to each design challenge, then create prototypes, and finally present their ideas to all the Institute participants.

Lyn Godley, a product design teacher at Kutztown University, spent a morning with the teachers introducing them to the basics of product design. She also told them about a major lighting design project she is doing at the Goggleworks.

The group will be visiting the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York City and the Center for Architecture in lower Manhattan. By the end of the week they will each have a set of lessons that establish a basic framework for a comprehensive design education curriculum and will be teaching a design unit in their classes in the fall.

Go to to see the design lessons the teachers developed.

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