Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wisconsin's Visioneer Design Challenge

Wisconsin has a unique way to encourage teachers to include more design education in their art programs. They hold an annual festival and competition called the Visioneer Design Challenge where students try to solve challenges created by design professionals in a variety of design fields.
(Right - Some students with their award ribbons from the 2007 event)

The Visioneer Design Challenge is a statewide learning program and competition for high school and middle school students interested in design arts connecting with professional designers in each field. Ten Challenges were developed by professional designers. These challenges cover design in everyday things, design of spaces and places, design for communication and information and design for human interaction.

The concept was developed by Martin Rayala before he left the position of State Art Education Consultant and brought to reality by Virgi Driscoll with the help of Kathy Rulien-Bareis from the Wisconsin Art Education Association.

2008 Design Consultant Mentors and their design area:
Scott Foley, videographer
John Carua, industrial & product designer
Carrie Hoelzer, digital photography
Jerry Butler, artist/illustrator/author
Bethany Armstrong and John Hardy, graphic designers
Doug Marschelek, urban and regional planning
Gautum Wadhwa, animator
Larry Haugen, packaging industry
Doug Forton, architecture
Betty Hurd, fashion designer

As more cities and states initiate their versions of design challenges there will be enough students and teachers involved that we can have a national design challenge where students and teachers can get together with designers and others from around the country to celebrate their design achievements and learn from each other.

Click on the heading above to see a video about the Visioneer Design Challenge.
Go to the WAEA website to learn more about the Visioneer Design Challenge.

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