Friday, August 22, 2008

Computer Animation Getting Better

As computer animation gets better our standards keep rising. We are pretty critical of how stilted and unrealistic today's animations of real people still are even though they have made incredible progress. The fully animated films with life-like characters released in recent years are absolutely stunning but still haven't captured that illusive quality that consistently makes the characters seem real. Like a person with a slight accent, we can still see instances where characters give away that they aren't real. The fully-animated "Beowulf" (right) is amazing but still not fully convincing. Animation companies often play it safe by not trying to get too realistic - like in "Wall-E."

Industry insiders predict that by 2020 (I hope to be around to see it) they will have perfected animation to the point that it will be indistinguishable from live actors. If you are skeptical take a look at the latest version and think what animators can accomplish in another 10 years.

Click on the heading above to see Emily in action. I'd say they're getting pretty close.

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