Monday, August 4, 2008

Dynamic Architecture

One of the advantages nature has had over human designs is that most of nature's designs have movement and change built into them while most human designs have tried to eliminate movement and change. Trees grow and change color with the seasons. Clouds move through the sky. Flowers change their orientation toward the sun during the day. Wind makes trees and plants sway gracefully. Water is constantly on the move.

Visionary architect Dr. David Fisher (above left) is the creator of the revolutionary Dynamic Tower, the world's first building in motion, due to be built in Dubai in 2009 (right). The Dynamic Tower heralds a new era of architecture: Buildings in motion will challenge traditional architecture, becoming the symbol of a new philosophy that will change the look of our cities and the concept of living.

The Dynamic Tower offers infinite design possibilities, as each floor rotates independently at different speeds, resulting in a unique and ever evolving shape that introduces a fourth dimension to architecture, Time.

The Dynamic Tower is environmentally friendly, with the ability to generate electricity for itself as well as other buildings nearby making it the first building designed to be self-powered, it achieves this feat with wind turbines fitted between each rotating floor. An 80-story building will have up to 79 wind turbines, making it a true green power plant.

The Dynamic Tower is also the first skyscraper to be built entirely from prefabricated parts that are custom made in a workshop, resulting of fast construction and of substantial cost savings . this approach known as the Fisher Method, also requires far less workers on construction site while each floor of the building can be completed in only seven days, units can also be customized according to the owners needs and styles.

Dr. Fisher states, “Today's life is dynamic, so the space we are living in should be dynamic as well, adjustable to our needs that change continuously, to our concept of design and to our mood, buildings will follow the rhythms of nature, they will change direction and shape from spring to summer, from sunrise to sunset, and adjust themselves to the weather, buildings will be alive.

“From now on, buildings will have four dimensions, the fourth dimension is ‘Time' to become part of architecture,” Dr. Fisher added. “Buildings in motion will shape the sky line of our cities.

By combining motion, green energy and efficient construction, the Dynamic Tower hopes to change architecture as we know it, and attempts to start a new era of Dynamic Living.

Click on the heading above to see a 90 sec. animation of the Tower.

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