Sunday, August 3, 2008

Experience SIGGRAPH at least once

Put the annual SIGGRAPH conference on your "must do" list and try to get to it at least once in your life. SIGGRAPH is the biggest, most exciting gathering of professionals who create digital animation and interactive media. It will blow your mind.

SIGGRAPH 2008 is evolving along with the computer graphics and interactive techniques community.
Join 30,000 creators of computer graphics and interactive techniques at SIGGRAPH 2008 in Los Angeles, 11-15 August, for world-class technical presentations, creative exploration, and the industry's largest marketplace of products and services: the SIGGRAPH Exhibition.

See, hear, and interact at SIGGRAPH 2008 with digital innovators, creative researchers, award-winning producers, provocative artists, energetic executives, and adventurous engineers.

The evolution of SIGGRAPH presents several new ground-breaking enhancements that aim to dissolve the borders between traditional SIGGRAPH programs to create a more fluid, interdisciplinary conference. Highlights include:

SIGGRAPH's newly expanded Computer Animation Festival features five days of screenings, four days of talks, three days of all-star studio events and two days of 3D stereoscopic panels and screenings.

Technical Papers - Hear the world's most advanced scientists and engineers in computer graphics present the full range of the world's most significant achievements in the field and illuminate new directions for future investigations.

The return of FJORG! - the 32-hour international computer graphics "iron-animator" competition.

Dynamic Featured Speaker presentations from Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios President, Ed Catmull; Irish artist and "U2 3D" film director Catherine Owens; and Takeo Kanade, Professor of Computer Science and Robotics, and Director of the Quality of Life Technology Engineering Research Center, Carnegie Mellon University.

New Tech Demos - new and innovative technologies that you must experience to understand.
Art & Design Galleries - Explore the latest digital art.
Talks, Classes, Special Events and much more!

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