Friday, August 22, 2008

For the Love of Paper

Graphic Designers love paper! They cherish the look, feel, texture, thickness, surface and character of paper. They love the subtle ways type and images are influenced by the type of paper on which they are printed.

In art classes, when we want to teach something about paper we like to have students make hand-made paper and sometimes create hand-made books. We love things that are hand-made.

Designers couldn't possibly hand-make all the paper they use for the multi-million dollar printing industry for which they design, so making paper is not an activity they would spend much time on. There is so much more to learn about paper and so many varieties of paper, inks, and images to print that making hand-made paper only scratches the surface.

Here are some topics relating to paper of interest to designers:
Metallics, Quadtones, Stochastic Printing, Protective Covering, Enhancing Color, Embossing, Retouching, Digital Variables, Understanding Ink, Prepress, Printing.

Check with your local graphic designer to find out where and when the nearest "paper show" will be taking place.

Click on the heading above to see one of many websites devoted to paper.

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