Saturday, August 16, 2008

Packaging, Logos and Advertising

Coca-Cola is a successful company in part because of careful control of their bottle design, logo design, and advertising design.

Coke is credited with one of the most distinctive and recognizable bottle designs (center) in history. Some of the original design criteria included that it should be identifiable by feel in the dark and, if broken, should be recognizable by any piece of the bottle.

The Coca-Cola logotype (right) is basically a stylization of a common pen script of the time called Spencerian script. It has become one of the most identifiable logotypes in the world. (Logo is the term typically used for an image representing a company and logotype is the term for the design of their name.)

While not literally original to Coca-Cola, they helped establish the modern day image of Santa Claus (left) dressed in red and white (Coke's colors) in their advertising campaign with iconic images of Santa Claus painted by the illustrator Haddon Sundblom.

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