Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rotoscoping and Animation

There are many simple ways to do animation with tools readily available today. You don't need a movie camera or a video camera because a regular digital camera that takes still pictures and a computer works great.

There is a great site that tells you everything you need to know to do a form of animation called "rotoscoping". Some examples of rotoscoped movies you can get on DVD include "Waking Life" (left) by Richard Linklater (2001) and A Scanner Darkly* (right) by Richard Linklater (2006).

Rotoball is an international collaborative animation project created by high school art teacher David Gran in Shanghai, China. Students are invited to create a 15 second entry for this project. A 15 second animation can take over 2 months to create in school settings. It can involve drawing 75-100 frames of animation. The segments get pieced together with other student work from around the globe to make one movie. Each entry has the "rotoball" entering from the left, transforming, and exiting to the right.

Click on the heading above to go to the excellent Rotoball site and go to the "How To" section to learn all about it.

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