Saturday, August 23, 2008

Seoul Design Olympiad

As another indication of the growing importance of design in the world, Seoul, Korea is trying to market itself through the power of design. The city hopes to contribute to its economic prosperity and standing in the world by identifying itself as a world center for design. They are sponsoring the Seoul Design Olympiad which is a series of world-wide events including a conference, a competition, a festival and an exhibition.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the 1st Seoul Design Competition with the theme, "Design is Air" which addresses ubiquitous and sustainable city life of the future.

Seoul is changing and developing quite rapidly and the citizens of Seoul are realizing the advantages of this change through constructing new subway lines, repairing road systems, implementing a new bus line system, designing new contemporary buildings, and creating more green parks around the city.

All this is being done under the motto of a "Clean and Attractive Global City."

Seoul, the Korean capital, is making a tremendous effort to change its landscape from one that's plain and practical to one that is environmentally friendly and is a convenient place to live.

The international design competition is open to the entire design community including architects, industrial designers, graphic designers, engineers, landscape architects, urban designers, lighting designers, strategists and students.

Click on the heading above to see their website and to see the logo in animated form.

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