Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Design Hard

OK, so the whole thing is a promotional ploy by the liquor company Dewars and everyone is drinking at the events and there is a lot of sexual tension around but I think the people who put together the LVHRD (presumably standing for Live Hard) events get a lot right.

Among their regular events LVHRD includes an architecture competition and a fashion competition. These events draw huge crowds in a party atmosphere with loud music, colored lights, and DESIGN. I have to admit that after browsing the site for a while everything else (including my blog) seemed so lame and staid.

What if there were more design themed parties where the focus was on fashion, architecture, designing cool products, video games, etc.? Take out the booze, tone down the sex and we might actually have a way to present design to young people in a way that fits into their lifestyles.

Click on the heading above and explore the LVHRD architecture and fashion competition photos and videos and then think about the last open house or teachers convention you went to.

What can be done with projected images, photos, videos, design, fashion, costumes, music, movement, sound and light that will make our environments more captivating by DESIGN?

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