Sunday, September 28, 2008

Four Projects for Design Education

Along with a lot of knowledge and dispositions there are four basic skills we want students to have as a result of design education.

1. One is to lay out a clear, understandable, and interesting page layout (print or web) for others using text, images and graphics (far left).

2. Another is to design and produce a prototype for a new product design for others (near left).

3. The third is to design and make a model for an original building or space for others (near right).

4. And the fourth is to design and create an interactive experience for others (far right).

With these four end-points in mind, through reverse designing we can then figure out what knowledge and skills students will need to learn in increments in earlier years to build up to these challenging outcomes. These skills include the ability to come up with original ideas, do research, develop criteria, generate many possible solutions, create a prototype, and present and implement their designs.

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