Sunday, September 28, 2008

Four Reasons to Take a Photo

There was a time when artists believed photography could never be an art form. Then museums and galleries started displaying photos by people like Ansel Adams and later Robert Mapplethorpe (far left). Until then, photos were mainly part of visual culture to capture family events (near left) or part of visual communication to document news or historic events (far right). Photography has also become a big part of the design world for magazines and commercial uses (near left).

So, depending on the intent and use, photography can be:

an art form for personal self-expression and media exploration,

a form of visual culture that captures our place in a culture and time,

a design form with some professional application or practical function,

or a form of visual communication to simply communicate information and ideas as in photojournalism or scientific imaging.

All of these are appropriate and necessary aspects of a comprehensive visual education program.

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