Monday, December 29, 2008

British Design Classics Honored on Stamps

If you have a contact in Great Britain ask them to send you some of the new British stamps honoring British design classics.

What are some British design classics? The Mini Cooper auto (right) is well known in the States because it keeps showing up in movies and streets in America. It was designed by the late Sir Alec Issigonis.

Other British design icons include the supersonic Concorde jet (left) and the miniskirt. These three very different icons are to feature in a new set of stamps celebrating British design classics that will go on sale in 2009. As well as the Mini, the supersonic passenger airliner and the skirt that defined the 1960s, the set will also feature Sir Giles Gilbert Scott's K2 telephone box and Harry Beck's London Underground map.

The first 10 stamps will be on sale beginning in January and will be followed by a different set every month throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to call attention to the importance of design around the world.

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