Monday, January 5, 2009

Best Architecture and Design Schools in America

America's Best Architecture & Design Schools 2009 Edition is now available.

The 2009 edition of America's Best Architecture & Design Schools contains 110 pages of charts, graphs, data, and analysis of design programs across the nation that no student, prospective student, school counselor, or hiring manager should be without.

Included in the rankings are:
Best Architecture Schools
Best Industrial Design Schools
Best Interior Design Schools
Best Landscape Architecture Schools
America's world-class schools of architecture

There are also:
Most admired design educators of the year
Architect Registration Examination pass rates by school
How current architecture students rank their schools
Historical review of top architecture schools
Directory of accredited programs
and more.

There are also articles such as:
"Looking Around the Corner and Seeing a Future"
"Advice for Design Students"
"All About Accreditation"
"Rethinking Education in Today's Competitive Arena"
"The Multi-Skilled Architect"
"Partner and Prosper: The New Academic Paradigm"
"MBA: Making Better Architecture?"
"An Enviable Design Portfolio"

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