Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Developing New Visual Communication Languages

New visual languages are being developed as new technology makes it easier to communicate in images as well as words and numbers. Years ago, Apple developed icons for their visual computer interface, symbols were developed for international graphics for the Olympics, and emoticons (left) have captured the hearts of many social networkers. Now there is a new visual language being developed called PICOL - Pictorial Communication Language (right).

Click on the heading above to see an eight minute animated documentary titled “The History of the Internet” by Mehil Bilgil that describes the innovations that have made our interconnected online world possible.

The video uses voiceover accompanied by PICOL icons, a pictorial communication language created by Bilgil for his university thesis. The project is in the early stages of developing a simplistic and universal sign system to enable easier electronic communication that is free from the constraints of written language.

While the current library of icons available for download is small, the open source system invites more designers to get involved. It will be interesting to see if PICOL will grow into the more sophisticated version of the emoticon.

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