Monday, January 19, 2009

Expanding Creativity Through Virtual Museums

Ted Kahn (left) has been working at the intersection of creativity, design and learning for decades. His Design Worlds for Learning organization has developed concepts for the use of virtual museums to enhance student understanding.

Dr. Ted M. Kahn is the co-founder, President and CEO of DesignWorlds for Learning, Inc. and Chief Learning Officer for DesignWords for College and Careers. He has been actively involved in developing and marketing innovative uses of interactive technologies for creative lifelong learning for over 36 years. Over the past 18 years, his special areas of expertise have been in the uses of digital video and multimedia, as well as the Internet and the Web, as media for supporting distributed learning and knowledge design communities.

Kahn and his DesignWorlds team applied this background in creating the key web content and web educational marketing messages for Apple in 2000 to support their launch of iMovie, and some of this web content still remains on Apple's digital movies and education web site today.

Click on the heading above to see one of Kahn's slide shows.

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