Saturday, January 31, 2009

Massively Popular for Game Designers

If you have students who like to draw and want to work in the video game industry then they need to be prepared a little differently than traditional art students. They will need some specific skills (like how to really draw) to work for game development companies like Electronic Arts or Massive Black (right). They need to be able to draw people, creatures, costumes, props, buildings, and environments. And they will often need to have good skills in creating digital art.

Five years ago, a small group of young artists formed a virtual company called Massive Black. They had met in school, online, and while working at various jobs in the film and games industry. They had $6,000, a passion for art, talent, experience and a desire to create top quality artwork for the top companies in the entertainment world.

Today, Massive Black’s 55 artists provide concept design, storyboards, graphic design, illustration, 2D concept art, 3D modeling, texture painting, 3D animation, and marketing materials to more than 80 entertainment clients worldwide. Currently, about 80 percent of the studio’s work centers on the videogame industry, with the rest spread among film, advertising and marketing, television, and toy manufacturing. With branches in Shanghai and Bangkok, the San Francisco-based company is able to be competitive in cost as well as quality.

Some resources to help you see what kind of preparation students need to have to work in this growing world check out:
Computer Graphics Society -

To see the new book about Massive Black and page through the whole book go to

Click on the heading above to go to the Massive Black website and explore their work in concept design, animation, illustration and 3D design.

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Parka said...

It's an amazing company they have formed over such a short period of time.