Thursday, January 22, 2009

Students Learn Design, Engineering and Architecture Skills

The Build San Francisco Institute, directed by Will Fowler (left), is an academic program created by the Architectural Foundation of San Francisco designed to help high school students earn up to fifteen hours of credit learning design, engineering, and architecture skills.

These resources are helpful for teachers in grades 8-12, especially math, art, or design educators, school administrators who want to initiate a similar model,and students in grades 8-12, but much of it is adaptable to other grade levels.

The materials (lessons, videos and tips, articles, and contacts) can be viewed in any order. Everything is customizable to your teaching style and academic requirements.

Through the six-part lesson plan, students design, present, and build holes for miniature golf courses in accordance with design and math standards. Each lesson includes objectives, required materials, a plan, and assessment strategies. Information can be used to supplement current lesson plans or used in their entirety. If implementing entire lessons, reserve about four to six hours for each lesson, which can be extended across a semester or completed over several weeks.

The Six Steps in the program are Inquiry, Research, Construction, Production, Presentation, Assessment.

Students progress from creating designs on graph paper all the way to three-dimensional software. The project climaxes when students present their golf-hole designs. As a project extension, designs can be built using cardboard and a free corner of the classroom, or with help from community members at an actual event.

Although the lessons are focused on material for teaching students, the Articles, Videos and Tips, and Contacts sections also include materials for administrators, such as setting up a similar program and tips for recruiting and developing mentors.

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