Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Build Big Objects and Environments with Cardboard

Students can learn a lot of conceptual skills for working on 3D and Spatial awareness development by creating buildings, ships, etc. with large appliance boxes.

There's even a website with sample plans that suggests you use their special plastic rivets for joining the cardboard pieces together. Mr. McGroovy's Box Rivets™ are inexpensive plastic connectors that make building fantastic cardboard creations quick & simple. Their website has sets of instructions for building a great cardboard rocketship playhouse (right), a pirate ship (left), a castle, and a variety of other projects out of washer-dryer boxes. They even provide tips for getting ahold of free boxes.

Worried about where to fit such big projects in your school? You'll be surprised how many unused spaces there are in schools, especially if you look in corners and up high. Suspend these creations from the ceiling if necessary.

Worried about the fire marshall or principal complaining about the dangers of cardboard? Check out fire retardant products on line (example: http://www.fire-retardant.biz/)

Design students need opportunities to work large and to learn how to collaborate. This is an inexpensive way to teach spatial and 3D design.

Don't think this is just for younger children. High school students can create these projects for use in elementary classrooms or they can create more age appropriate designs of their own.

Click on the heading above to go to Mr. McGroovy's site and get ideas to use in your design classes.

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