Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Create Your Own Magazine Cover Illustration

Here's a clever idea from the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). To go along with their exhibition of Norman Rockwell's cover illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post they created a DIA Evening Post template and invited people to create their own cover depicting their family. You could create a template for your favorite magazine and have students create their own cover illustrations.

Norman Rockwell made many pictures of families for the cover of The Saturday Evening Post being displayed in American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell, an exhibition on view at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Today Norman Rockwell’s illustrations look a bit dated but he inspired generations of illustrators such as C.F. Payne. Today we have different conceptions of family that may or may not match Rockwell’s, so the Detroit Institute of Art asks the question, "Who’s your family?" You can come up with your own themes if you do your own version of this project.

People are invited to go to the Museum to do their drawing or do it online and post it to the DIA website. Click on the heading above to see some of the covers.

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