Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kinetic Design of Physical Movement

Ben Hopson is a designer, artist and educator working in Brooklyn, NY. He is the creator of the discipline of Kinetic Design, which involves the aesthetic design of physical movement. Incorporating elements of Industrial Design, kinetic sculpture, engineering, Interaction Design, and puppetry, the field allows designers to animate products and spaces in new ways. As a consultant, Hopson has worked with clients on projects ranging from kitchen gadgets to luggage, from concept cars to lighting.

Hopson says that "Industrial Design is poised to undergo major evolutionary changes. New technologies, new materials and increasingly sophisticated consumer tastes all demand colossal transformations. Perhaps most exciting among these is the development of Kinetic Design which entails the aesthetic design of physical movement. Through this practice, industrial designers will not just create forms, but choreograph those forms' movements through space. Kinetic Design will literally open a new dimension for the aesthetic development of physical objects and the world will be richer for it."

He says, "Because motion is so elemental and so completely unexplored in design aesthetics, there is no limit to how it will be capitalized upon in the future. Kinetic Design will lead to new kinds of architecture, food, and chemical processes just as easily as it will lead to a better DVD player aperture. Once viewed through the lens of Kinetic Design, the world is revealed to be full of lifeless objects awaiting animation."

Click on the heading above to read his excellent article about kinetic design and see some video examples.

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