Thursday, March 19, 2009

Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

Visual Literacy, (along with visual art, visual culture, and design), is one of the sets of skills students can learn in our broader perspective of the role of visual art and design programs in 21st century schools. Visual literacy means learning to see and make images, objects, places and visual experiences the same way reading and writing is the basis for communicating with words. Visual communication is a basic skill necessary for all children every year in school.

We can all think of some visual communication methods like pie charts, venn diagrams, maps, and cartoons but can you think of 100 different visual communication methods? Click on the heading above to see a "periodic table" of 100 visualization methods. Roll over each item to see an example.

Whenever a visual image (like any of the 100 on the table) is used, people should recognize this as visual communication. Visual communication can be used to convey data, information, concepts, strategies, metaphors and combinations of these. Help students learn some more of these visualization methods to enrich their visual vocabulary.

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