Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Power to Design

Aimee Mullins has over a dozen pairs of legs that she uses for different occasions. Her "Cheetah" legs are what she uses to run faster than most people on the planet. Her "tall" legs make her 6' 2" and make her look stunning in a knee-length black evening dress. People have been designing legs for her including a beautiful set of hand-carved wooden legs that look like the most amazing boots you could imagine.

The power of design has enabled Aimee to move from being seen as someone with a disability to someone who has an unfair advantage. Runners are jealous of her speed and beautiful women are jealous of her statuesque beauty. In her presentation at the TED conference she talks about the interesting role of design that gives us the power to create whatever we want to create.

Much of this started when Chee Perlman put Aimee on the cover of I.D. magazine (International Design) (left). This has so many teachable moments for design educators to talk with students about the power and importance of design.

Click on the heading above to hear Aimee Mullins talk about the power of design in her TED talk and see her beautiful wooden boots.

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