Sunday, March 22, 2009

Video is in the Future of Visual Communication

It is clear that video is going to play an increasing role in visual communication. With YouTube video content growing by leaps and bounds, inexpensive video editing software bundled on computers, and easy to operate and carry video cameras like the Flip HD video camera, shooting, editing and sharing video content is getting to be as easy as email and photo sharing.

The Flip Video Camera is now out in an HD version and the company that makes it (Pure Digital) has just been bought by Cisco Systems Inc. for about $590 million in stock.

Pure Digital sold its first camera less than two years ago. It quickly grew in popularity because of its small size (right), simple interface, its USB connector that flips out of the body (left), letting the user connect the camera directly to a computer, and editing software contained on the camera that starts up on the computer.

Pure Digital said it has sold more than 2 million of these cameras that cost between $130 and $230. Last year, Pure Digital sold more video cameras in U.S. stores than any other company except for Sony.

It is time for design educators to include video production along with drawing, painting, photography, model making, digital graphics, and animation as a basic visual communication skill in schools.

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