Monday, April 13, 2009

2009 Pritzker Prize for Architecture Announced

The Pritzker Prize, architecture's equivalent to the Nobel Prize, award winner for 2009 has just been announced.

The prize went to Swiss architect Peter Zumthor (1943). Zumthor focuses on the atmosphere and details of his works, taking all the time he needs (often several years) in his studio in the Swiss mountains to deliver timeless buildings such as Brother Klaus Field Chapel, Kolumba Art Museum, Swiss Pavillion Expo Hannover, Therm Vals, and more.

Zumthor’s art museum in Bregenz, Austria (right), has glass walls that can serve as billboards or video screens at night.

Zumthor's book,"Thinking Architecture", oulines his ideas about architecture like,

“I believe that architecture today needs to reflect on the tasks and possibilities which are inherently its own. Architecture is not a vehicle or a symbol for things that do not belong to its essence. In a society that celebrates the inessential, architecture can put up a resistance, counteract the waste of forms and meanings, and speak its own language. I believe that the language of architecture is not a question of a specific style. Every building is built for a specific use in a specific place and for a specific society. My buildings try to answer the questions that emerge from these simple facts as precisely and critically as they can.”

The Pritzker Prize ceremony will take place on May 29th in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is a good opportunity for design education teachers to introduce students to architecture since the Pritzker announcement will be seen in news media, newspapers, and magazines around the world.

Click on the heading above to see a list of past Pritzker Prize winners.

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