Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dora the Explorer's Tween Persona

Mattel, Inc. and Nickelodeon/Viacom Consumer Products, have announced that Dora the Explorer™ is growing up. The companies have introduced a Dora for girls five years and up to complement the earlier Dora aimed at preschoolers.

Many are concerned about this new "sexy" teen version of the popular character and what it has to say about contemporary teen culture and messages about what it means to be female.

“For nearly ten years, Dora the Explorer has had such a strong following among preschoolers, catapulting it into the number one preschool show on commercial television,” says Gina Sirard, vice president of marketing for Mattel. “Girls really identify with Dora and we knew that girls would love to have their friend Dora grow up with them, and experience the new things that they were going through themselves. The brand captures girls’ existing love of Dora and marries it with the fashion doll play and online experiences older girls enjoy.”

As a tweenager Dora has moved to the big city, attends middle school and has a whole new fashionable look. She also has an online world in which girls can explore, play games, customize, and solve mysteries with Dora and her new friends. Adding to the play value, Dora’s online world is interactive with the new doll line.

“Typically, children ‘grow out’ of favorite characters,” says Chris Byrne, content director for TimetoPlayMag.com aka The Toy Guy®. “Now Dora has been designed to grow up with her fans, opening the door to extended play that is age appropriate, allowing kids to stay involved with a favorite character and maintaining the core values of Dora the Explorer that children love.”

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