Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Broadway at Times Square Now a Pedestrian Mall

Two sections of Broadway in New York City are now open only to pedestrian traffic as an experiment for the rest of the year. Broadway at Times Square between 42nd St and 47th and a few blocks in Herald Square are now a pedestrian mall until the end of December.

Some business people, cab drivers and tour bus operators are worried about lost revenue and inconvenience but many people seem to think it is a great improvement. During this pilot stage not much is being done to the area except putting out some chairs but, if the idea seems to work, design changes will be made to make the areas function more like a true plaza or mall.

It's hard to believe that one day Times Square was clogged with traffic and pedestrians (left) and the next day the traffic was gone and people were able to lounge in the middle of the street (right).

If a venerable area like Times Square can be completely rethought by urban designers imagine what your students could come up with for their communities.

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